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More than 50 years ago the manufacturing of stearic acid has started in Genova, Italy. Today FACI is an important producer in the oleo chemicals market, with works in Spain, England, Venezuela and Singapore. The current product line covers the whole range of fatty acid derivatives based on animal fats as well as vegetable oils.


FP-Pigments specializes in high-performance specialty pigments for a variety of applications. Our unique opacifying solutions offer performance benefits and cost effectiveness especially in paints and coatings.

Deutsche Baryt-Industrie

Founded in 1900 by Dr. Rudolf Alberti DBI has been for over 100 years a supplier of very high quality, pure and bright natural barite products.

Radiant Color

In Houthalen, Belgium, Radiant produces daylight fluorescent pigments and ink bases. Radiant is the European sister company of the top American producer DayGlo. Thanks to their vast know-how as well as their wide product range Radiant Color has been one of the market leaders for many years.


Gum Rosin and its derivatives from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Honduras, Portugal and Russia from one of the principal European trading houses in this field.

Sasol Wax

For decades Sasol Wax has been the leading specialist for paraffin and Fischer-Tropsch waxes for many different industries. Sasolwax is the trade name for micro- and macro-crystalline paraffin waxes as well as FT waxes of the highest quality. Also offered are petroleum jellies with the well-known trade names MERKUR, VARA and COX. The large variety of products offers solutions for almost any field of application.

Toyo Ink

Toyo Ink Europe (formerly Francolor Pigments) is the european branch of the Japanese Toyo Ink Group, one of the trendsetting manufacturers of organic pigments. These colouring pigments are used in printing inks, coatings as well as in plastics.



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